Multilingual Consent Management for DPDPA compliance

Streamline consent management across channels, deliver consent notices, and handle data requests in any Indian language – all on a single platform.


One platform for ALL of your data privacy compliance challenges

Collect Consent in all Indian languages

Collect, act on, manage and record consent preferences across all of your services & channels.

Deliver your english consent notices in all languages of the constitution as per the DPDPA act to your users.

We preserve the legal accuracy of your english drafts by performing legally vetted translations.

Subject Rights Management

Your key personnel shouldn't waste time manually searching through vast amounts of personal data to fulfill individual data access requests.

Imagine the effort to manage a single DSAR via spreadsheet, email, and manual search; now multiply that by the hundreds or thousands of DSARs you might receive annually.

AI Language support

Legal and compliance teams in India will face a significant number of data access requests and complaints in various Indian languages.

Lexconsent uses LexDash AI, our battle-tested, fine-tuned model for Indian languages, currently used by legal teams to understand court notices and complaints, ensuring seamless communication with your customers throughout the DSAR process.

Data discovery & Mapping

Discover, classify, visualize, and prioritize your organization’s stores of personal data in a fast, automated fashion.

Understand and manage personal data stores without the need for manual spreadsheets and workflows or dependence on in-demand.

LexConsent collaborates with your existing data discovery vendor if you have already have one or use one of our partners for your data discovery & mapping.

Vendor Privacy Risk Management

Use LexConsent’s privacy score to quickly compare and evaluate companies’ privacy practices.

Reduce the risk of partner non-compliance by staying informed of vendor lawsuits, privacy policy changes, and privacy gaps.

We Connect Everywhere You Have Data

With 100+ integrations across data systems

Ready to see your all in one privacy control platform?